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2024 Student Planner

2024 Student Planner

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Introducing the student planner within the Mariana Series '23! It is a beacon of academic excellence and a tool that empowers students to chart a course for success. With its intuitive layout and meticulous attention to detail, this planner is a roadmap to achievement. It is a masterfully crafted compendium of schedules, to-do lists, and deadlines - a sanctuary for the diligent student. Adorned with delicate hues and soft colors that evoke a sense of tranquility and serenity. Its refined design, with its gentle curves and graceful lines, inspires a feeling of calmness and balance.

The planner exudes a sense of order and organization, instilling in its users a sense of discipline and purpose. It is a symphony of multiple tabs and vibrant illustrations, making it easy to navigate and comprehend. Each page is adorned with an aspiring student in mind and goal-setting prompts, serving as a source of motivation for the aspiring scholar.

The planner's functionality is unparalleled. It provides ample space to jot down notes, reminders, and tasks, allowing students to stay on top of their workload. Its structure is designed to foster healthy study habits, encouraging students to break down their assignments into manageable chunks and track their progress. With this planner by their side, students are equipped with the tools they need to succeed.

The functionality never compromises on elegance and refinement. Its pages are a joy to behold, each one exquisitely designed with an eye for detail and aesthetics. The result is a planner that is not only functional but also a thing of beauty, a true delight for the senses.

Even a student is a busy babe aiming toward success.

209 Fully Hyperlinked pages
Stay on track with all your classes, clubs, assignments, exams, and sports
Mariana Series '23 Theme
Modern, Minimal, and Chic
Easy and aesthetically pleasing to use design
Comes with extra pages, such as productivity pages and wellness pages, and more!
See below

2023-2024 calendars
2023-204 Planner pages
2 semesters
6 classes, 3 clubs, and 3 sports to keep track of each semester
Academic pages such as:
-Course Materials
-Goal Planner
-Reference List
-Assignment Tracker
-Group Planner
-Extra Credit
-Project Assignments
-Assigned Readings
-Study Session
-Homework Assignments
-Exam Prep List and more!
Bonus Pages such as club pages!
Semester Overviews
Semester Schedules
Monthly Self Reflections
Manifestation Journal
Set goals and reward yourself
Compatible with Goodnotes and Notability
Gorgeous, neutral, aesthetic watercolor designs

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1 PDF "Student Planner"
1 PDF guide

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